2013 DAG Scholarship Recipient, Connor V.

2013 Inukai Family Foundation Scholarship Winner

Inukai Family Foundation is proud to award scholarship money to the sons and daughters of those employed by Dick’s Auto Group. Meet Connor, a very deserving student with a bright future in music. Connor wrote to tell us more about his Fall term classes.

I would like to start this short summary of my Fall term by thanking the Inukai Foundation for granting me your extremely supportive scholarship.

With the money you provided me, I was able to take music classes that went towards my two year associates degree at PCC, and that are also transferable credits that can go towards my goal of a masters degree in music.

The two classes were Group Vocal and Music Theory. In Group Vocal, I got to learn from a very talented professor. She taught our class the correct way to sing without harming your voice, proper stage presence by utilizing your passion and confidence, singing in a small group, and how to harmonize.

The class was very meaningful to me as it helped me be more comfortable putting my heart and soul into my singing in front of a group.

My most notable experience in Music Theory is when I won the composing challenge. The assignment was to write a twelve bar melody using any time signature or key (excuse my music lingo). For winning, I got a magazine on music composers… Yeah, though to me, winning was far more valuable to me than a simple magazine.

Thanks again for the chance to allow me to further my debt free college experience, it is greatly appreciated!

According to his father, Darwin, Connor works at the theaters at Bridgeport Village and has been able to pay for all his schooling on his own.

Way to go, Connor! We couldn’t be prouder.